Ayurvedic Spa

Nature inspired Ayurvedic Spa

at MVT Rishikesh (live) and MVT Vrindavan (coming soon)

Traditional medicinal treatments at the Holy Places

Professional staff with years of experience

Your journey to a complete relaxation starts here. The combination of pure natural ingredients, the touch of a professional therapist and the relaxing aupicious-like setting will ensure a pampering time of rejuvenation.

As you breathe in the fresh mountain air, allow the natural beauty of the Himalayas to help you find a stillness within. Discover balance and harmony at our private MVT Spa with treatments inspired by ‘Tattva’ or the 5 elements which reside within our bodies.

We are here to serve you by providing a range of treatments that are all grounded in the rich heritage of India’s wellness culture.

Please explore our Spa menu which has a selection of blended ancient Indian practices along with a variety of international techniques.

We continually work to create an unforgettable wellness experience and aid you on your healing journey.

Using traditional South Indian medicinal herbs and oils

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