October 22, 2021

MVT Book Launch

Sridham Mayapur, West Bengal, India

The MVT Team (led by HG Advaita Chandra Prabhu, Founder of the devotional books publishing house Torchlight Publishing and a long time MVT Trustee and former Chairman) created a book to celebrate the 50 year history of our organisation. The beautifully bound hardback book briefly describes MVT's origins, history, purpose and activities. Copies were distributed to GBCs and devotees at MVT's 50th Anniversary festivals.

A Treasure Trove of History

MVT's rich five decade history meant we had access to thousands of pages of documents, so summarising this into a few dozen pages was no mean feat!

The result!

The book was unanimously well-received by senior ISKCON devotees, GBCs, Prabhupada disciples and well-wishers.

The release

MVT released the book during the recent 50th anniversary celebrations

Want a hard copy?

If you'd like a copy, do email us at info@mvt.co

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